Swimming pond

A “swimming pond” is a concept that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It represents an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chlorinated pools.

Here’s a general description of a swimming pond:

A swimming pond is a specially designed area in a garden or on a property where water is naturally filtered without the use of chemicals like chlorine or other water treatment substances. This type of natural pool integrates features of a pond or natural lake, creating a swimming environment that feels closer to nature.

How it works:

  1. Swimming area: In a swimming pond, a portion of the space is dedicated exclusively to swimming. The water depth can vary, and the floor can be finished with stones, sand, or a suitable material to protect the liner.

  2. Filtration zone: Adjacent to the swimming area, there is a filtration zone where aquatic plants and microorganisms are located. These natural filters help remove nutrients from the water, preventing algae growth and keeping the water clear.

  3. Ecosystem: A swimming pond creates a delicate balance between biological factors that contribute to maintaining water health. Besides aquatic plants, various aquatic organisms, such as small fish and insects, may be part of the ecosystem.


  • Eco-friendly: A swimming pond doesn’t rely on harmful chemicals, making it more environmentally friendly and healthier for users.

  • Aesthetics: Swimming ponds can offer a more natural and integrated appearance, with plants and wildlife enhancing the overall aesthetics of the area.

  • Health benefits: Swimming in clean, natural water can provide a more enjoyable experience and be beneficial for skin and hair health.

Building a swimming pond requires proper planning and construction to ensure the water is clean and safe for swimming. It is recommended to consult with a natural pool construction specialist or a landscape architect before building a swimming pond to get appropriate advice and guidance.

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